The campaign will be based on The Jasmine Coast of Western Asawons. (I’m adding a continent to Forgotten Realms. =) ) The continent is found on the east of the Pureheart ocean, it has a diverse mix of races, and creatures. The continent has seen many wars since its long forgotten discovery, as such it is not uncommon to hear of rumours of old keeps or towers.

Magic uncommon, as such schools for magic are few and far between. Most mages are taught through apprenticeships, but are known to gather in a few of the larger cities along the coast.

Religion is common in the civilised lands. The religions for good and evil actively pursue initiates, to train and further the needs of their gods.

The City of Tallan is a coastal city located on the Jasmine coast of Western Asawons, it’s a bright city primarily inhabited by humans.

The Host Magi are rulers of the Town of Tallan, they strive for politcal power and influence in the region, are in control of the surrounding area. They are particlurly jealous of the success of Shaidal with their vast amarda of trading vessels.


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